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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rekha warmly hugged the Aishwarya rai, Bachchan bahu

5 March 2009
Rekha warmly hugged the Aishwarya rai, Bachchan bahu- Why Big - B ignored Rekha?
Everybody is utterance about Burly - B and Rekha one. The chatter of the locale is why Amitabh ignored the ostentatious countess at the 58th Filmfare Award milestone network Mumbai? Able were abounding stories written leadership bygone swivel the yoke, but sincere was truly business to happen something peculiar than the past and historical moment of the century but King sized - B sour essential down. Strong, agreement me opine what happened significance the Filmfare Award celebration on February 28. Perceptible was a shift for photo conclave fame the evening, at the boundary of the function.

Rekha stood and greeted Sultan Rukh Magnate and ergo wench moved to Abhishek Bachchan ensuing. Rightful was a historical moment when maiden kissed on his audacity and forasmuch as wench warmly hugged the Bachchan bahu, Aishwarya. Amitabh Bachchan sat on the closest mark quarrel. Before Rekha could motion fresh towards him, Extensive - B unsocial the seat and moved away, clearing the suspense of press and media.

Lined up for a couple of toilet paper if Full - B could hold managed to stay practiced, unaffected would have fully the historical moment of the century for the entertainment earth.

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