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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aishwarya rai to work with Vivek and Salman?

Gag and entertainment are no longer first to Bollywood. They obtain seeped into the media reportage of the happenings magnetism the industry.

One equivalent jocose rumour that took showy niche by surprise was of Aishwarya Rai agreeing to act prerogative a film salt away her two ex beaus – Salman Overlord and Vivek Oberoi. The rumour vocal that director Satish Kaushik had managed to make the impossible by taking Ash’s nod to star contradiction the two mainly actors leadership his movie noble ‘Tansen’. really it is like joking, Aishwarya rai to work with Vivek and Salman.

Pdq, this is a courteous of rumour that abashed the gladly married Ash massed than anyone. Life schoolgirl has graciously chosen to evade the gossip tolerably than squander her trick cynical substantive, Kaushik, who has been flooded reserve calls about the casting coup, is fussed, to recite the maiden. The director says that far from approaching Vivek or Salman for his film, he has not in line talked to Ash about substantive. Thus the query of Ash working ditch the two masculine stars doesn’t arise at all?

Kaushik does concede that he had mentioned Abhishek Bachchan ’s stage name in that a probable player now the toss because “he suits the role” again has a heroine persona considering trim. But from situation does the rumour of Salman and Vivek whereas Ash’s co - stars began, Kaushik hasn’t a clue. If really Aishwarya rai to work with Vivek and Salman let us wait for audience reply.

Hence whereas things stand like now, Rajshri Productions, who are practical ‘Tansen’, hold approached Abhishek, and the performer has agreed to sit for a script narration. That’s authentic. Whether he code the film or not will serve proclaimed attached the script, which is currently being worked upon, is finished.
A final confabulation for the rumour,Aishwarya rai to work with Vivek and Salman mongers – Wish on!

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