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Monday, August 23, 2010

To Be Sexy, You Will Be Wearing Malibu Strings

You go online; you want something that will titillate your sweetheart. You come across a company located in Southern California in the United States called Malibu Strings. As you browse the Malibu Strings website, you find, sexy sheer, barely there bikinis and panties. Are you bold enough to order? Of course you are. You wait in anticipation for the package to arrive. Finally it comes all the way from the USA. You grab the package and run to your bedchamber to try it on. As you turn this way and that looking in the mirror, you wonder will I ever wear this? Then he walks in, and as they say in the states "Ooooh baby!" It worked.

The Malibu String Company offers an exceptional line of bikinis, and amazingly flattering sexy bold line of clothing. All you have to be is uninhibited, even if it's only in your own home. Malibu Strings is a direct distributor, using no third party distributors, and have become a favourite company all over the world.

Even though Malibu Strings specializes in bikinis inspired by the Malibu coastline and the uninhibited life styles of the women on the California beaches they have expanded into an exquisite line of panties, t-shirts, cover-ups and shorts. The styles are simplistic in form but offer a very sexy cut. The rise in the back of their shorts creates just enough showing of skin to be sensual but not trashy. The t-shirts are tailored to fit the female body like a glove, and accentuate the bust line as well as a woman's shapely arms. This line of bikini is a legend in the United States and is highly sought after by American women. Just as popular are the Malibu Strings collection of thongs, boy shorts and bikini panties. You can get them in a variety of solid colours and prints as well as several different types of fabrics, meshes, animal prints and lace. This line of lingerie also offers micro mini skirts, hooded cover-ups, ponchos, headbands and scrunches and much more. They even offer a very stylish designer bag.

How would you like to win your favourite bikini? Enter the Malibu Stings Bikini Competition. The rules are
very straightforward. You must be 18 years of age, have a photo taken of you in a bikini and upload it to the site. Malibu Strings reserves the right to reject any entry; all photos not used will be deleted. Malibu Strings prefers photos taken in public and photos need to be untouched and natural. If they like your photo and post it on their website you will receive a gift certificate for one hundred American Dollars to purchase the bikini of your choice. You can upload as many photos and enter as often as you like.

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