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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sexy Back: Celebrities go backless

Forget low-cut blouses or barely-there minis, the back is the new body part du jour in Hollywood.  Everyone from Drew Barrymore to Jennifer Lopez is going backless with daring cut-down-to-there dresses that show off all the right curves.  Check out the starlets working this sexy new trend ...  <br><br>Marissa Miller. There are no words. Simply stunning. <br><br>BY JOANNA SLOAME

We're not sure about the whole cape thing Emmanuelle Chriqui has going here. But we still like her nifty, unconventional take on a backless apparels (check out that clasp) at the 'Entourage' season premiere. Even Ari Gold would appreciate it.

Credits: Orchon/Everett

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