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Monday, August 2, 2010

Added Shailene Woodley Picture Gallery!

Added over 180 pics of this up and coming Hottie, yes she is 18 almost 19, so we can call her a Hottie.
She is from ABC Family Secret Life of the American Teenager, which I use to watch weekly, that is until Dish Network and ABC Family or Disney, who ever owns the 4 channels that went from HD to old SD TV!
Yes Dish Network customers if you didn't notice we lost a bunch of channels that were High Definition, have now gone back 5 years to Standard definition. Why hasn't Dish Network lowered my bill? Why is Dish Network going backwards, enough Dish Network these are mainstream channels that are watched, not you BS filler channels that no one cares about! Sorry, I'm still pissed off at Dish Network! Time to look into Direct TV, after being a loyal Dish Network customer for 14yrs!! I want all my HD programming back, I want HD programming on my locals that I can get with an antenna, but don't get from you even after I pay for local programming, and I want you to bring customer service BACK to the USA, the hell with your out-sourcing to India!!!!!!!!!!!! They can't even speak English the average person can understand. For those of you that pay for TV and still get good HD ABC Family it’s on every Monday night!
And Shailene Woodley we think your HOT!
To the rest of the ladies from Secret Life of the American Teenager

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