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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bikini Photos - Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lopez had twins just a few short months ago - yet she's already been spotted in a skimpy bikini and there were reports that the singer/actress perhaps had a little nip-tuck to be able to get into that teeny bikini. However, if you look at the photo, she doesn't look like someone who's had work done - at least not on her body.Don't get me wrong, she looks good- but she's still got a belly, love handles and her boobs aren't as perky - that's what happens when you have babies, things change. I think she looks like a real woman, who's recently given birth, and really, the woman only gave birth about 5 months ago (to twins, let's not forget that!), so actually she looks super hot, belly and all! Couple more pics after the jump! The website Make Me Heal had said that the popstar may have had surgery but are now rethinking that - and I agree. I don't think she's had work done. Maybe she will someday, and hey, whatever floats your boat! Now, if we were discussing her face, she may has totally had a wee bit of stuff done, but that's okay, more power to her. Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony and their babes Max and Emme,are traveling for Marc's mini concert tours. Oh and shopping - JLo loves to shop, and for that, I have to like her (most of the time). [Source;Photos:celebutopia] Related Posts: Jennifer Lopez In A Bikini 4 Months After Having Twins Jennifer Lopez - Bad Mommy? JLo Carries Her Baby Girl While Wearing Six Inch Heels! Crazy!!

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