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Monday, June 28, 2010

Brittany Dailey bikini shoot for Show magazine

You probably don’t have a clue who Brittany Dailey is but from now on you will surely remember this girl’s name.  We didn’t knew her either but we’ve found some useful info about her if some of you might want to know more. She’s a 23 year old model who is apparently an amazing mix between Black, Apache and Irish and she currently lives in LA.
This babe has a rocking body with more curves than a rollercoaster and I think even Kim Kardashian might envy Brittany for her amazing body. The guys from Show magazine always loved girls with bigger than usual features and for them Brittany Daily was perfect for a new drool inducing photoshoot.
So, this girl made an amazing photoshoot in lingerie for Show magazine where she’s leaving very little to the imagination. From her myspace page I’ve seen she asks guys not to holla at her on myspace so I guess you could do it in other places.

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