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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caoimhe checks out Corin's surgically enhanced assets

Getting to grips: Caoimhe touches Corin's breasts

Lesbian squatter Shabby watched with glee as her crush Caoimhe squeezed Corin's breasts and decided she would have a feel as well.
Caoimhe said: 'I've never felt one like that before.'
Corin complained she 'wishes she could feel them' herself as they are still numb.

Free for all: Shabby doesn't want to miss out on all the fun and also grabs Corin's breasts

Meanwhile, the housemates woke up yesterday morning to discover a devoured Indian meal and empty beer cans on their dining table, with Big Brother announcing: 'Brother Big Is This.'
As some of them set to work clearing the mess away, another announcement boomed out of the speaker: 'Beers and curry takeaway tonight's collect to housemates for open now is storeroom the.'
Ife said: 'We're getting curry now for nighttime, even though it's morning', as the unfolding events of the day to come dawned on Mario as he went into the storeroom.

Intrigued: Caoimhe studies Corin's 30G assets

But it was Shabby who declared to the group, 'It's backwards day, everything is backwards', as Mario added, 'even the clock's going backwards!'
Just moments earlier, the housemates were rudely awakened by Lady Gaga being pumped loudly through the speakers into the bedroom.
As most of them grumpily peered out from beneath their duvets in angry shock, Sunshine sat up waving her arms around in delight.

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