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Saturday, June 26, 2010

South African swimsuit Sexy model Jenna Pietersen Bikini shoot

The 2010 FIFA World Cup from South Africa is just two weeks away and this will probably be one of the main attractions this summer. South Africa is definitely one of the best places to visit and besides going to the football games and getting drunk with fans from all over the world, you could always feast your eyes on some stunning South African beauties.
We’ve posted a couple of amazing hotties from this country here until now but the one we’re about to show you is a goddess! Jenna Pietersen is a delicious lingerie and swimsuit model from South Africa who already impressed everyone with her beautiful body and was featured twice in the South African edition of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.
This peach looks like a supernova of hotness and she’s waay more attractive than the World Cup or any other event from South Africa. If I’d have to travel the whole world to visit South Africa, I won’t settle for a football game, I’d go there just to meet this amazing girl or well, a chick like her might do the trick too.
Jenna Pietersen apparently loves to go out with friends to the movies or the beach and she said swimming in the ocean clears her mind. I’m sure if I’d see her swimming in the ocean my mind would be clear and my mouth and eyes will be fully open.
Anyway, this girl was already featured in a couple of mens magazines and posed for some popular designers and here we’ve got her both in lingerie and in swimwear! I think these pics are quite new and here we have Jenna in a special Bodique (Hunkemoller) Lingerie Photoshoot and also in photoshoot for Pan du Sucre Swimwear.

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