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Monday, July 12, 2010

Dooley? Will he wield discipline?

To quote the great Jai Eugene, the “one that got away” fame:
“Education has never done nothing for these boys. They play football good and that is what is going to make them a star. Keeping these kids off the field is like taking the food out of their babies’ mouths.”
This team lacks real leadership. If current Chattanooga Mocs QB and former Vol QB BJ Coleman  or Jon Crompton were still around, these retards would have been in their tee-pees on the reservation. Nick Reveiz is probably weeping somewhere. Playing Saban’s Advocate, it’s not like they tried to kill the President. Dooley can’t be those boys’ daddy.
Vols football players in brawl at bar | Chattanooga Times Free Press
That is it Dooley, go after the mayor. It is easier to blame the law than the drunks at 3:00am. Get your players in their room at midnight and there wouldn’t be a problem. I can’t believe that you didn’t give a curfew. You didn’t want the 2010 squad to think that they could have a curfew if they came to Knoxville to prepare for the fall campaign and you didn’t forbid them to go to that bar because you didn’t want them same players to think they couldn’t party there so you sold out and will let the players run the team.
You use that bar as a recruiting tool or you would say it was off limits. What other reason is there to let them go there? It is sad and I am proud we used to have a coach (kiffin or fulmer) that would never allow such.

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