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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MTV reality show “The Hills,” Coming to an end

Tonight will draw to a close the legendary MTV reality show “The Hills,” and as the series finale looms near, members of the cast are weighing in on their experience over the years.

Speaking to press about the big series ender, Audrina Patridge explained, “It’s our last season, so we’re going out with a bang.”

"It's funny because watching the show with the music, it makes it so emotional. So there's been a lot of moments, fun moments, like going on vacation and just having fun with each other. There's been so many dramatic moments and fights and tears and ups-and-downs of friendships and relationships, so really watching those — I mean, at the finale, we are probably all going to start crying. It is going to be a sad, sad moment."

Kristin Cavallari shared, "I was really nervous coming onto 'The Hills.’ I was the new girl. Going to Heidi and Spencer's wedding, no one knew I was coming. But it ended up being pretty easy."

"That was the whole point. I wanted to come on and get people talking. I knew that it was gonna stir things up. ... I had no idea certain things, like that fight, would have such an impact."

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