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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shanghai Panties

Shanghai Panties
Shanghai PantiesShanghai has emerged as the dominating city in intimatewear industry, especially growing stronger in past 5 years. It has been noted that the lingerie segment in Shanghai has long history and strong roots, which have helped it to defend its position even in today’s tough trade scenario.

Although the number of lingerie enterprises in Shanghai is small, all of them are quality manufacturer, attracting huge number of clients each year. The industry consisting of less than 200 companies is worth tens of billions of yaun. Recognizing the potential of this city, various foreign brands are opting to move here.

Shanghai Association of lingerie makers has 113 member companies. Of these, Gujin Lingerie has average annual sale of nearly 3 billion yuan and Triumph registers that of over 4 million yuan.

Threeguns Lingerie obtained annual sales of 1.4 billion yuan in 2004, and Yiershuang Group surpassed 1 billion yuan.

These figures are staggering in a relatively small industry, providing stiff competition to manufacturers in other regions.

According to the information 81.25 percent of world's top lingerie brands have already settled in Shanghai. However, domestic famous brands still dominate Shanghai underwear market. Thus, Shanghai is being known as China's top high-end

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