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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sexy Stormy Daniels Explains What It's Like 'Finding Bliss'

On the brink of her appearance in the new movie "Finding Bliss," a comedy about a young lass's journey into the porn industry (opens in New York June 4, in L.A. June 11), Stormy Daniels sat down with us for some home-cooked Q&A. Stormy has had an illustrious adult film career, winning numerous awards, directing several films, and posing for Playboy, Penthouse, GQ, and FHM. Not to mention all of the loads she is responsible for.

Outside of porn, Stormy lives a pretty normal life but she has certainly made her fair share of waves. She has made headlines for her gubernatorial run in Louisiana, her steadfast stance against porn piracy, and was even arrested for assaulting her husband. She
likes it rough, no harm there.

In our discussion, Stormy talked about "Finding Bliss," the plight of the porn, her favorite positions, and the strangest places she has ever had sex… turns out it wasn't while she was filming "Meatless in Seattle" or any of her other movies.

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