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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Katy Perry reveals how she tamed Russell Brand - by making him wait for sex

Katy Perry

The fiery singer has revealed she turned down the British comedian - who she said was basically a 'professional prostitute' before he embraced monogamy - on the night they met.
She boldly told him 'You've met your match m****** f******' as she threw a plastic water bottle at him at their first meeting.

The pair hit it off instantly, Perry said in an interview with Esquire magazine, and went clubbing together that night.
But when Brand assumed he would be taking the songstress home, he was in for a surprise when she refused him.
'Can you imagine the horrible feeling he had when he was used to getting everything he wanted,' she told the magazine.

Katy Perry

She demanded that he take her on a date, and the romance blossomed from there. A week later the pair were holidaying in Thailand.
Posing for a series of raunchy photographs for the magazine, the 25-year-old said she has reformed the former sex addict, who according to rumours used to sleep with up to 80 women a month.
Perfect match: Brand and Kerry announced their engagement in January after a whirlwind romance

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