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Monday, July 5, 2010

Lingerie Larissa promises sexy striptease if Spain win!

Larissa Riquelme's mobile phone in breasts
Nobody supports their team as hard or has the hots for their players as much as the lingerie model from Paraguay. She became famous for watching football with her Nokia mobile phone hidden in her cleavage.
But now Paraguay are out – and the football world worries: Is that the end of the enthusiastic bubbly brunette beauty?
Fortunately not: Larissa's legendary performances continue. The classy fan has committed to a new favourite team – Spain, who knocked her beloved Paraguay out!
In the ‘El Comercio’ newspaper, Larissa even announced a striptease if Germany’s semi-final opponents win the title.
But Jogi Löw and his team will be out to stop the fun when they try to see off Spain on Wednesday at 8.30pm CEST.

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