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Friday, July 9, 2010

Swimwear's 2010 Fashion Revolution

Swimwear's 2010 Fashion RevolutionIt's beach season again, and as the hoards of hipsters head out to get their hands on the hottest new beachwear of 2010, I thought I'd shop around for something a little more exclusive. When the girls and I did our 2010 photo shoot with Bikini Team, we all wore pieces from Sauvage Swimwear, and we were all really impressed with the collection. So I headed for La Jolla, where Sauvage's flagship store is located, to see what sexy new ideas designer Elizabeth Southwood had come out with for this season.
Swimwear's 2010 Fashion RevolutionIt was the hardest shop for a summer swimsuit I've ever had, because I literally wanted to try on every suit in the place! The designs for 2010 are absolutely stunning, and I ended up leaving the store with three different suits! It's amazing how Sauvage is bringing new levels of innovation and style to beachwear. The 2010 collection has revolutionized the typical swimsuit, with pieces featuring beads, zippers, chains, shells, and even crystals!
Swimwear's 2010 Fashion RevolutionEach of the pieces designed by Sauvage pays amazing attention to detail, but they offer more than just a sexy and sophisticated appeal. After talking with the other Bikini Team girls, and trying on multiple pieces in the store, Sauvage Swimwear has also successfully made swimwear that fits amazingly. In the past, I have usually been able to find a suit that looks amazing, but finding one that I also feel comfortable and sexy in has always been a real challenge - but not with Sauvage. Something else I noticed about the comfort of Sauvage was there diverse range of fits and styles. It seemed that almost any women could find something that specifically works for them. They also offer men's swimwear which is incredibly fashion-forward, so ladies, you can even drag your man along and get him looking almost as good as you!

Sauvage Swimwear was even featured in Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret in their Swim Suit Editions. Now, most people think these magazine's are primarily for guys to swoon over, but there is one thing that is for sure - these magazines continually feature swimwear that is fashionably ahead of its time. So go ahead girls (and guys!), check out Sauvage and be the sexiest, most fashionable person struttin' the sands of the Pacific Ocean this summer.

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