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Monday, July 5, 2010

Why Use Natural Makeup

Why Use Natural Makeup
Most women put makeup everyday before they leave home. Women spend a total of one billion dollars every year on a variety of makeup products that they feel the need to wear everyday. However, women should be concerned if the makeup they use is really safe?
Strangely, there is little oversight in the makeup industry. There is no law that says makeup products must be tested to ensure they are safe before sold and the FDA does not monitor the materials used in makeup. The only law that there is a labeling law, which gives the company a lot of free time makeup. Not all ingredients must be listed if they are material created as a reaction with other materials and some common terms like “fragrance” can be used to explain the material.
We learned a lot about the makeup industry hazardous chemicals used. This does not stop the industrial use of hazardous materials because they cost less and is easier for them to get. Some companies, though, is responding to growing anger by producing more natural makeup with safe materials.
Why do you use a natural makeup? Here are some reasons to consider.
* Many of the ingredients in their own makeup can be dangerous. Things like mercury, is known to have harmful effects on people by itself, is found in deodorants and makeup. Other hazardous chemicals used in makeup can include lead acetate, formaldehyde, phthalates, tolulene and petrochemicals.
* Even the chemicals in makeup that is safe by itself can be dangerous when they are mixed with some other ingredients. You potentially have a reaction to the material in powder form when mixed with ingredients you in your blush.
* Being exposed to a bit of some chemicals in the makeup will not harm your health in many cases but the use of everyday products cause the exposure to build and which can be dangerous. You can end up with cancer, had a problem with your reproductive system and your hormones get out of balance with repeated exposure.
* People usually do not have any kind of allergic reaction to natural materials but this is not true for synthetic materials, which often causes allergic reactions.
How to Tell if You Really Makeup is Natural
Because people become increasingly aware of the harmful ingredients in makeup, this industry is finding more and more products that call themselves natural. Unfortunately, there is no law that says that the producers can not say their product is natural even if they do not. Every cosmetic product can claim all have a natural or natural materials whether it’s true or not.
Consumers should make sure that they look at the ingredients in their makeup, especially if they say they are experiencing. Consumers should find out what companies actually do their part to make natural cosmetics and buy from companies only. Many companies that are part of the promise is called the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and said they would replace hazardous materials with that experienced during the next few years. This is not enforced by the government, but the company agreed to comply with very strict rules when signing a promise.

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